In the latest sports betting news, we are taking a look at Missouri and recent rumors of reviving sports betting legislation in the special session. A while back, the Missouri Senate added a special session. The purpose is to discuss important topics without resolution prior to the end of the legislative session. Many thought that with the Missouri sports betting bill introduced, we could see movement in the state. With more and more states legalizing sports betting, and enjoying the additional revenue from it, it will not be surprising to see Missouri try to add its name to the list.

However, Governor Mike Parson has said that this will not be possible in the special session. While it is very easy to use sports betting software for sportsbooks, formulating the regulations for sports betting in the state is more complex. But the Governor’s statement is not in opposition of sports betting. Rather, the agenda for the special session is only for addressing tax issues.

Missouri Sports Betting Bill

Governor Says Missouri Sports Betting Bill is Irrelevant in Special SessionIn the special session, House Bill 4 was introduced in the hopes of allowing for in-person sports betting in the state’s riverboat casinos. In addition, the bill also seeks to legalize online sports betting as well. The use of a sports betting software platform to offer online wagering has been proven to be even more lucrative than retail betting. So the bill in Missouri seems to be a step in the right direction.

Unfortunately, the topic is simply not relevant to the special session called by the Governor. The issue that the legislative body needs to address are income tax cuts.  They will also discuss the extension of the agricultural tax programs. Quite obviously, sports betting does not fit into this.

Anyone can use a sportsbook pay per head software to offer online sports betting, but those in Missouri will have to look for options elsewhere. This will be for at least another year at best. Lawmakers can introduce a sports betting bill in Missouri again when lawmakers meet for the 2023 regular session.


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