esports bettingPart of learning how to become a bookie is knowing well how product expertise can give you more success in your sportsbook. A lot of bettors, due to the coronavirus pandemic, have been looking for alternate sources of wagers. With most of the professional sports leagues on hold, punters are looking for other lines to bet on. eSports is one sport that is gaining wide popularity in the last few months. But what is the difference between sports betting and eSports betting?

Of course, betting on sports and Esports are similar at the basic level. As you can see in data from pay per head solutions providers, you’ll get lines for the available events. And just like standard sports betting, its your call if you find value in the odds, and if you know the game enough to bet on it.

Sports Betting and Esports Betting

The tricky part in Esports betting is that with certain games, maps and characters might change. While in football or basketball, we usually see new players come in after the draft or trade seasons, in Esports this can happen without warning. And these changes can change the output of a game, and skew the numbers that make up your decision to bet.

As for the players, in your usual sports, you have an idea of how they play in spring training, or from the previous season. You can wager on a particular player- barring injuries, of course- and be confident that they can deliver. In the case of Esports, you can do the same, but the change in improvement or changes in abilities can make or break a wager. You see, in some games, players, or heroes, can buff or nerf their skills, which affects popularity and usage.

The best way to describe it is that heroes, or players, can be picked by their coach and dumped based on any small change in status. In sports, you have a reliable backup, and know who will replace who if needed. With Esports, this is more volatile. All of these things make everything unpredictable, and very exciting. A lot of bookie pay per head companies all know that Esports is going to gain even more popularity as the years pass, and should take advantage of it. If anything, it gives a safe and fun alternative to sports betting in times like having a global health pandemic.