The D.C. sportsbook market continues to drop month over month in handle as the District continues to struggle in finding success in sports betting. Washington D.C. currently has a $12.4 million total sports betting handle for the month of August. This is 2.8% lower than that of July’s handle of $12.8 million. Many are optimistic that the next month will be better, but it will definitely be a challenge for Washington D.C. sportsbooks.

Many sportsbook pay per head sites are already recovering in August, posting higher handles for the month. There are currently three sportsbook operators in D.C. Given that some betting markets are already showing an uptick in handle and revenue for August, these numbers are making experts worry. If anything, this could be an indicator that there is something missing with the D.C. sports betting market.

D.C. Sportsbook Market

D.C. Sportsbook Market Continues to DropWhen you use bookie pay per head solutions, you can easily audit or review your sportsbook operation to see how your sportsbook works. From here, you can determine where you can strengthen your operations to generate more action, or review and see if you are bleeding money elsewhere. The D.C. Auditors Office’s audit on sports betting states that D.C. fails to meet expectations in sports betting. Initially, estimates show a potential of tens of millions of dollars annually. However, in its first few months they only made $230,000.

This is a result of less-than-good policy, as well as a limited number of sportsbooks. Reputation also matters, something that pay per head sportsbook provider insiders are dedicated in terms of helping bookies with their operations. For D.C. to generate more action, they will need to do a combination of many things, such as adding more operators, to giving out better-valued odds and promotions to entice the market.

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