Connecticut sportsbooks see a dip in sports betting handle in December. Despite the decrease in handle, it is still overall a profitable month for the Constitution State. In the latest bookie pay per head news, we are taking a look at sports betting in Connecticut. We’ll take a peek at how they performed during the last month of 2022.

Keep in mind that in Connecticut, there are only three sportsbook operators, so it may not be suitable to compare it to larger markets like New Jersey or Pennsylvania. According to the report from the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection, Connecticut sportsbooks took in $160.3 million in wagers for the month of December.

Connecticut Sportsbooks See Less Wagers, Less Revenue

Connecticut Sportsbooks See Dip in Handle in DecemberThe handle is lower than November’s $165 million by around 2.8%. Again, the numbers seem low, but for three sportsbooks, this is a good handle. Getting a pay per head sportsbook can give you an idea of how much action your sportsbook can get each month. During December, you had the NBA, NFL, NHL, college basketball, college football, and other sporting events. However, many expect more action during the playoffs for these sports leagues, which will not be until early next year.

Revenue for the state is at $12.6 million, slightly lower than November’s $14.1 million. The hold percentage is also lower at 7.8%, compared to November’s win rate of 8.5%. The decrease in numbers point towards lower sports betting activity across the state. Many who use sports betting solution software will tend to see the numbers increase in January due to football and basketball, so it is likely that we will see the same for Connecticut.


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