When becoming a bookie, you need to study all aspects of managing a business. You have your operations, marketing, finance, and customer service. And in the sports betting industry, having good customer service is an advantage. Other sportsbooks offer email only customer support, while some have chat, phone, and email services. Some offer 24/7 customer service, while others will take days to reply. If you are still new in the sports betting industry, and unfamiliar with how customer services work on a sportsbook, we will walk you through the most common customer service inquiries in sportsbooks.

For this guide, we will be discussing inquiries that specifically pertains to online sportsbooks that use sportsbook pay per head services. A pay per head service is the most common sports betting software provider for bookies. In addition, it also provides bookies with tools to help you manage your sportsbook, customer service included.

Common Customer Service Inquiries in Sportsbooks

Common Customer Service Inquiries in SportsbooksOne of the most common questions that bookies get are user interface related. This is especially true for those who are new to an online sportsbook. Some players are adept at navigating through sites, but some bettors may have a bit of a hard time. Thus, its expected to hear questions on where you can find features, how to check wagers, how to request for payouts, and the like. A pay per head sportsbook is generally easy to use, and if you have one of the best, then you may get less questions about this since these providers will have great UX or user experience implemented in their sites.

Another common inquiry is technical support. This is when bugs happen, or errors from either the sportsbook or the player. Again, if you have a good bookie PPH, you will find less of these questions. There are, unfortunately, sportsbooks that often have problems with loading pages, updating lines, and so on.

Another very common line of inquiry from players are payment related. This is especially true for players who will use your sportsbook for the first time. Normally, you will get questions on how long it takes for payments to be credited, or when the payouts will be released, or how to request for payouts. You may also get questions on how or where they can transfer payments, the processing time, and the like. As mentioned earlier, these questions are common for those new to your sportsbook, or for those trying out a new payment channel.


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