online sports betting in West Virginia

Online Sports Betting in West Virginia is Picking Up

West Virginia’s online and mobile sports betting market is growing, with July its best month yet. Given that most sportsbooks had a slump over the first half of the year, Certain US betting markets, even those who use a pay per head sportsbook service, are slowly climbing back up again. And since more US sports leagues are already resuming their seasons, the numbers are expected to climb even higher. Let’s take a look at online sports betting in West Virginia.

US Sports Leagues Resume Seasons

US Sports Leagues Resume Seasons

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, many industries are slowly getting back to its feet. Sports leagues were one of the first to shut down in mid-March in a series of highly publicized announcements. Remember when the NBA announced a covid-positive player minutes before a game was to start? But now, sports leagues are better-informed, and are preparing to return to business. Let’s check when the US Sports leagues will return, and how you can earn from the most popular sports to bet on.

NFL Restart Plans: an Update

The NFL is being praised for how they are handling the coronavirus pandemic. With all sports leagues out on a rest, the NFL was quietly waiting and they are forming their NFL restart plans. Their season, after all, is not supposed to start until September. Many PayPerHead experts were worried about the fate of the NFL. After all, football is a very physical and tactile sports. Social distancing will be very hard to implement.