Bundesliga is one of the first professional sports leagues around the world to come back to the field despite the Covid-19 pandemic sweeping the world. The German football league has always enjoyed a large fan base, but they are getting a lot more attention, and action in many a pay per head sportsbook. Let’s take a look at our Bundesliga Week 27 preview and see what is in store for football bettors.

The Bundesliga has already announced its season schedule, so make sure that you already have the best sports betting software to help you manage your Bundesliga wagers. This weekend alone has a lot of promising matches everyone can bet on.

Bundesliga Week 27 Preview: Weekend Matches

Bundesliga Week 27 previewFriday has an exciting schedule with Hertha Berlin playing against Union Berlin at 2:30 PM ET. This match is between two rivals who have one point, and two goals of differential in the rankings. They are also similar in strength, which may lead to a 1-1 draw.

After this, is a busy and yet even more exciting Saturday. All at 9:30 AM ET, we have Wolfsburg versus Borussia Dortmund, where experts are looking at a Dortmund 3-1 win, and a Borussia Monchengladbach versus Bayer Leverkusen match where its possible to see a 2-2 endgame. The third game on the same timeslot is Freiburg versus Werder Bremen, where analysts see a Freiburg 1-0 win. Last on the 9:30 schedule is Paderborn versus Hoffenheim, where a 2-0 win by the latter seems possible as Paderborn is on a 7-match losing streak. Will they finally be able to break their streak?

More German Football

Saturday at 12:30 ET, we have a possible 3-0 easy win for Bayern Munich as they play against Eintracht Frankfurt in the Allianz Arena. Of course, Sunday will also be bringing us an entertaining morning with three matches. At 7:30am ET, we will see Schalke score a possible 2-0 win against Augsburg. At 9:30 AM ET, we have Mainz versus RB Leipzig, where we see a Leipzig win 3-0. Unless of course Mainz can get their act together.

Lastly, we have Koln versus Fortuna Dusseldorf at 12:00 PM ET, where Koln may use their home field advantage to its fullest and net us a 2-1 win. With all these exciting matches happening in this week alone, its best for bookies to use the best sportsbook software to help them manage the action. A bookie pay per head guide may help bookies find the best way to maximize profit at affordable prices.