In our bookie tips and bookie tutorials, you have probably come across the term sharps when learning about bookie software. Most who choose the right bookie pay per head can spot a sharp or two in their sportsbooks, if they are careful. Remember that sharps specifically target weak or soft lines. So if you are not quick to update your odds when something develops in a particular sports event, sharps can swoop in and guarantee themselves a good win with you possibly losing money on your end.

Bookie Tips for Sharps

One of the easiest ways to spot a sharp could be the amount of bets placed, especially if your limits are flexible. But mostly, its easier for them to hang out in wagering options for basketball. Specifically, the NBA. Why, you ask? Basketball tends to start off with soft lines, since analyzing the league takes a lot more time than its worth. Especially during the beginning of the season. Of course, the closer you are to the finals, the better the analysis will be, and the tighter the odds are.

Its also easier to adjust your lines, since basketball is simple in such a way that scored and stats are easily available and final. This makes analysis easier, and gives sharps the opportunity to adjust their wagers faster than a bookie would. Handicaps are also pretty solid, and tends to apply to all teams regardless of performance, roster, or strategy. It also has a long season, and sometimes, oddsmakers take their time in adjusting their lines.

Also, basketball has lower limits compared to other sports. Its easier for sharps to divide their wagers in different sportsbooks too. Of course, futures can easily change with one sprained ankle at a crucial time. This means as a bookie, you have to be aware of these things, else risk having a sharp take advantage of changes in the lines that could benefit a bettor, if the house is not fast enough.