Being a bookie takes a lot of time and effort. Getting a good pay per head can help simplify the process for you, for sure. These Pay Per Head Reviews will tell you how, and so will these tutorials. But when you have automated your operation, what is left for a bookie to do? A Bookie schedule, of course.

For one, line management. As a bookie, you have to be on top of every single sporting event that interests your players. You need to be able to anticipate the wagering options you can offer, like exotics, and side action, like casino games. A big chunk of that work will be easier if you keep track of the following events that happen.

Bookie Schedule for North American Sports

January is a bit busy with football. You have the Playoffs for both College and NFL Football early on. You have the Australian Open, which is pretty popular too. February is one month you should not miss, mainly because of the Super Bowl. You also have other leagues starting to heat up, such as the beginnings of the lineups for the NBA All-Stars game. For racing enthusiasts, Daytona 500 is during this month, too.

March is March Madness for NCAA basketball. There are other sports leagues that are busy as well, but not as much as college ball. April continues with the NCAA, if it does not end in March. The NFL Draft happens this month. The Masters will also take up a few days, and the Playoffs for the NHL begins too. Of course, the NBA Playoffs will be more than enough to keep you busy.

Second Half Schedule

May is pretty busy with a lot of sports like the Europa League Final, the French Open, the Champions League Final, and the BMW PGA Championship.  The Kentucky Derby begins as well, so does the Indianapolis 500. June, meanwhile, will be full of basketball with the NBA Finals. But there are also a lot of other events to include, such as the NHL Stanley Cup Finals, the French Open Finals, the US Open for Golf. Of course, the NBA Draft will also keep you busy.

July will be busy with the Open Championship, Wimbledon, and the MLB All Star game. August will have the PGA Championship, the NFL Hall of Fame, and the UEFA Super Cup. US Open for tennis will be one you don’t want to miss out on as well. September will have college football again, the first week of the NFL, and more.

October will be busy with the MLB playoffs. The NHL and the NBA will also begin by this month. November’s Thanksgiving will be busy with the NFL as well. December will be a month of a lot of sports getting in games prior to ending the year.

Of course, most tournaments change schedules, so this is not set in stone. But this is the pace that sports betting moves in. There will also be events like the World Cup, or the Olympics, so keep an eye out for qualifiers and for the actual events themselves.