Before the Supreme Court decision on the PASPA in August 2018, online sports betting was not allowed illegal in most parts of the US. However, Americans still wagered around $150 billion on sports each year. Only a portion of that came from legal channels. Regulated US online sportsbook market is a huge business and that’s why it is attracting the big players.

Legalizing sports betting will remove the need for black market bookies. Also, it brings tax revenues to states. In addition, the regulated US online sportsbook market will generate many jobs. As a result, the nation’s economy will benefit from it as well.

At present, many states are in the process of legalizing their sports betting industry. Some make both offline and online sportsbooks legal. However, there are some states that prefer only retail bookie businesses. Pay per head reviews and news sites have lists of states and the progress of their sports betting legislation.

Regulated US Online Sportsbook Market

Big Players Making Moves for Regulated US Online Sportsbook MarketThe US online gambling market has attracted big players in the industry. In fact, it included several offshore companies wanting to venture into the North American market. However, there the online sportsbook market is facing some challenges from the Department of Justice.

The DOJ doesn’t like online gambling in general. In fact, online casinos and poker have been strictly monitored by the federal government for years. As a result, online gambling in the US stagnated for years excluding Las Vegas.

Aside from the casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, very few local sportsbook pay per head companies are active in the industry. On the other hand, Europe is enjoying a liberal online gambling market. It is a very competitive industry that’s already saturated. As a result, there are diverse firms trying to enter the US market this year.

Big players want to corner the US online gambling market. They include Vegas casinos, European online gaming firms, gambling tech firms, and the best PPH sportsbook. Caesars and MGM use their Las Vegas experience to expand to other states.