Arkansas online sportsbooks are finally turning a profit in the month of July. Online sports betting started just this May, and revenue has been a challenge. Like most who learn how to be a bookie, the early part of launching a sportsbook can be quite expensive, and it will take a while for you to turn a profit. With many startup costs, like software, staff, and promotions to attract customers, many in the industry are not expecting revenue early on.

Unlike an online bookie software, however, it takes far more longer for larger sportsbooks to get their ROI, especially with such high overhead costs. And to start during a slower season for sports also prevents online sportsbooks in Arkansas to gain a lot of action. For July, the total betting handle is at $9.3 million. This gives them $854,436 in revenue. This is only the second full month of operations for online sports betting, so many expect the numbers to increase in the succeeding months.

Arkansas Online Sportsbooks

Arkansas Online Sportsbooks Turn ProfitThe number for July is lower than June’s $12.6 million. July’s handle is the first full month of online sports betting in the state, and is also the highest handle the state has reported. Quite obviously, online sports betting is really a huge driver in improving sports betting markets across the world. In the US, online sports betting contributes 80-90% of the total betting handle of most of the markets across the country.

And with the easy availability of a white label sportsbook service, it makes it easier for bookies to start their own sportsbooks. We estimate, that in the next few months, Arkansas will do even better in terms of action and revenue. Next month, the NFL will be going live, and will herald the beginning of a busy sports calendar for fall all the way to winter.


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