Your bookie news feed must be full of NCAA news. And rightly so. We are in the final stretch with 3 games left to the season. The Final Four teams, Michigan State, Texas Tech, Auburn, and Virginia will battle it out to get to play at the finals game on Sunday.

Betting on basketball can give you a sweet prize pot, but this can actually get you more money, on a more permanent basis. You can study how to start a bookie business, and check out some pay per head reviews. But bookie or bettor, this coming weekend will be, pun not intended, one for the books.

NCAA Final Four

The first game will be Virginia versus Auburn at 6:09 pm. The spread is Virginia -5.5. A lot of wagers as well as live tickets are going for Auburn. A part of those wagers will be from recreational players, so keep an eye out for an opportunity here. The Auburn Tigers will press and press and try to force turnovers and go fast for a win. But Virginia has a good defense that can slow the team down. Not to mention the offense of Virginia could give Auburn a run for its money.

However, Auburn is a very flexible team in such a way that adapt to whatever pace or style they go against. Looking at Auburn’s path to the finals, they have had very smart wins.

At 8:49 pm, Michigan State will play against Texas Tech. Michigan state is a -3 spread here. So far, wagers seen across sportsbooks are almost equal. What are the chances the tide will spill for one side? Let’s see. Michigan Team is one of the top defensive teams in this season. They also have flexible scoring inside and outside the line. They have a great and experienced coach, a great point guard, and a team that can face different strategies and win.

On the other hand, coach Chris Beard can outsmart Michigan Coach Tom Izzo. Beard can use Jarrett Culver against Cassius Winston, plus a few more matchups between players. Let’s not forget that Texas Tech’s defense is one of the best in the league as well. A smart game can give them their win.