When you decide to be a bookie, one of the first things you will need to do is find the best software that will serve as the sportsbook itself, as well as the software to manage the sportsbook. The bookie software industry, however, offers a wide range of software services available. The most-used software that bookies prefer is what you call a Bookie PPH software, or a pay per head software. Here, you will be charged per player each week. But, are there hidden charges in your pay per head software that these companies do not tell you?

Like in any industry, sometimes, companies will advertise an affordable rate. But its not until you sign up or pay that you are suddenly burdened with additional charges, and all that. So, when you look at companies to sign up for your bookie business, you can check some Bookie Pay Per Head Reviews. These reviews will tell you about their rates and if there are additional charges.

Hidden Charges in Your Pay Per Head Software

Are There Hidden Charges in Your Pay Per Head Software?In the pay per head industry, its often common that you will see low rates. Some are as low as $1 per player, and can go up to $30 per player. The price is not indicative of the scope of the service, though, so be wary as well. It helps to look at the fine print so you can compare and see where you will get the most value for money.

In the industry, its common to advertise the lowest rate, to get you to sign up. But when you check the details, you will actually just be getting a basic package for the price they advertise. For example, a provider says as low as $3 per player for the sportsbook software, and it’s the basic package. If you want to add phone betting, add $1. If you want to add an online casino, add $3. Then, if you want live betting, add $2. You will end up paying $9 per player even if the ad price is only $3.

There are, however, honest providers that will say that you can avail their software at $5 per player, and it will include everything: phone wagers, live betting, casino, horse racing, and more. Again, always check the fine print. Or check out those reviews to save more time. Doing so will help save you money, and you will be able to use a company that does not resort to such tactics just to get bookies to register with them.


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