While looking to start a bookie website, you will come across possibly hundreds of pay per head providers. All of them offer similar services, but of course the quality differs. Some will have more features, while some won’t. That, is pretty easy to understand and compare. However, when it comes to pay per head prices, it may get confusing, especially if you are new to the business. So, when it comes to looking at the pay per head prices, you need to consider a few things.

Keep in mind that not all that is affordable is good, and not all expensive providers are truly great. You will find some amazing software at great prices, and you may also encounter pricey but outdated ones. In addition to that, the fine print may be different from what is advertised. For example, you can be offered a $5 per head price. But that price will not include customer service, or horse racing, and an online casino. If you want to add those features, you need to add, say, $5 more. But, you can find one with $5 per head, but with everything bundled in.

Pay Per Head Prices

A Guide to Pay Per Head PricesThis is what can be confusing. Of course, your first step is to go through bookie pay per head reviews. More than anything, it’s the quality of the software you need. So, weed out the sites with bad reviews, and settle on fewer options. Narrow down your list to a few providers that have the best features, then look at their prices.

Are the rates standard, or are there add ons? If they charge you for more features, then make sure that’s the price you base your judgement on. Also, bookie pay per head providers use a tier system where you can get discounts for having a larger operation. To summarize, when you look at prices that these providers offer, make sure you read the details, and find out the total price that you will be paying per head for the greatest number of features that you can get. If you are happy with it, then go ahead and try them out.

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