A lot of people who are into sports betting love betting on collegiate sports. The most popular sports leagues they bet on are the NCAA basketball and football leagues. Every good sportsbook pay per head provider will have lines on college sports available. But there is no better time to earn money on college sports than with the March Madness betting season.

One of the reasons why many bettors love betting on college sports, is because the dynamics of betting are quite different in college level sports.   The contrast between professional leagues and collegiate conferences can be so different. Its what makes these games exciting to bet on. So when handicapping for events like March Madness, here are a few things to keep in mind.

March Madness Betting

A Guide to March Madness BettingGetting seeded into the postseason for NCAA basketball is a bit different. There will be teams who get an automatic bid. When this happens, their gameplay tends to be less intense. Whereas underdogs in college betting can help you win big, depending on how determined they are to snag a spot in the postseason. The lines that will be offered in sportsbook software will always change, but in college betting, the public will tend to bet more, so there may be better value with underdogs in some cases.

The home court advantage is also a big factor with college games. While games are played in neutral ground during March Madness, teams who are near their home states may get more support due to supporters who travel to watch games. This is quite common with college sports.

Team Performance as a Factor

Normally, recreational bettors will go for high-scoring teams to somehow get better chances at a winning bet. This could be true during the regular season. However, when it comes to betting on March Madness, teams with a good defense tend to be more reliable. Why? Because if these defensive teams get to be the underdog in a game, they could have good value against the spread.

Likewise, it also helps to look at the recent games of every team in the lineup. You do not need to go as far back as the early weeks in the season. In fact, you will want to know if certain teams have been consistently doing better in the final stretch of the season. Teams who barely make it statistically have lower chances of actually getting into the finals. These are the things you need to consider when offering college sports betting. If you still do not have a sportsbook, you may want to read some bookie pay per head reviews to help you get a software provider for your sportsbook business.

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