Four Washington State tribal casinos want to be the first in the state to offer sports betting. They are discussing the regulatory details with the Gambling Commission. They are negotiating about the integrity of betting, enforcement, funding for gambling addiction treatment, and licensing.

The Washington Indian Gaming Association said that sports betting provides a new opportunity to have a new gaming product in Washington. It is an exciting moment for all stakeholders, from players to operators and the suppliers.

However, the coronavirus pandemic placed some uncertainties on the timeline for the launch of sports betting. The good news is those tribal casinos are now open after being closed for a long time. However, the pandemic is making it hard for athletes and sports leagues. Football and basketball are two of the most popular sports that people want to bet on.

Washington State Tribal Casinos and Sports Betting

4 Washington State Tribal Casinos Wants to Introduce Sports Betting According to bookie pay per head sources, the tribes wanted to launch sports betting in time of the NFL season. However, their plans changed due to coronavirus. At present, they are hoping to start sportsbooks before the end of the year.

The Northwest tribal governments rely mainly on casinos to fund various social services, economic development, and education programs. Also, the Washington State government will not get any share from sports betting revenue. Moreover, entrepreneurs can’t be a bookie with a pay per head in the state.

Lawmakers in the state opted for the more limited availability of sports betting compared to other states. There will be no access to mobile or online betting options, unlike Oregon. The only way on how to become a bookie in Washington State is to be part of the tribes.

Washington State allows wagering on all sports. However, it prohibits wagers on matches involving college teams from the state, such as the Washington State Cougars or the Huskies.