247PPH.com is a sportsbook pay per head provider that has been operational since 2005. But, their website was not registered up until 2011, so this makes us think about the date difference. They are part of the RDGCorp group, so we are automatically on guard, due to some issues with their reputation. The site, however, has not been mentioned in terms of trouble, or issues as a pay per head service.

We’ll take a look at some of the site’s features first:


247PPH.com Pay Per Head Information:

  • Inception: 2011
  • Telephone: 1-888-200-1112
  • Email: none
  • Live Chat: Yes
  • Website: www.247pph.com
  • Software: DGS
  • Products: Sports betting, online and phone wagersm, racebook, online casino, live betting, live casino
  • Price Per Player: $10 and Up
  • Private Website Available: Yes

247PPH Pay Per Head Review

The site is very pleasant to look at, and has a very professional look, and they promote their services well, but they were not as detailed as we wanted, so going in, we still had a few questions. Anyway, we signed up and waited for almost a hour to get our log-in data. When looking at the features that our players could access, we were surprised to see that if we changed the features to add phone wagers, their rates jump from $10 to $15 per week, per player. We know of other great sportsbooks that are not this expensive. In fact, we recommend using this bookie pay per head because of its value based on the per head and the services that can be availed.

The Bookie Pay Per Head Software

Using their site was easy, if not basic. The bare-bones feel made it easy for us to create and edit player profiles. They also make it easier by offering a tutorial in the dashboard of the site. There are a few irritating pop ups, however, and we needed to refresh our page or go back to avoid it. Also, their site has no means to track money and its movement. While its not really a bad thing, we were hoping that we had the ability to track the money coming in or out. Another problem, was that we could not offer bonuses to our players. And bonuses are a great way to retain and attract customers, so marketing wise, this was not good for us.

One thing we did like, is that the options available are so easy to configure: we only had to tick the boxes for the features. We were given a fixed amount of players, so if we wanted to add more, we would have had to call customer service for this.

Our Recommendation about 247PPH.com

247PPH.com is average. Average because while they do get the job done, and offer reliable sportsbook pay per head services, there are better options. We feel that our potential to earn profit from them would be limited. They are also quite expensive at $10 per head. We know of other brilliant pay per head services and they go for half the price. This is one of the times where a premium price does not always equate to premium quality.

Bookie Pay Per Head Service